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Gas Works Park Seattle, Washington

Gas Works Park is a 20.5 acre park on the north end of Seattle’s Lake Union.  Recognized for its innovative brownfield rehabilitation as an urban park in the 1970s, it is a National register listed property and a locally designated landmark.  Constructed in 1906, the site was home to a gas manufacturing plant called Lake Station, which operated until 1956.  The property was abandoned for six years until the City of Seattle purchased the land, and, at the urging of park advocates, a master plan was developed by renowned landscape architects Richard Haag Associates.  Haag’s design kept several structures, including the steel towers, railroad trestles, and select buildings, noting their “historic, esthetic and utilitarian value.”

For years, many of the remaining towers have been surrounded by security fencing, which has not proven to be a deterrent for climbers and graffiti artists.  With PSM Engineers, BOLA investigated alternative designs and treatments to prevent public access to the upper portions or defacement of the towers while retaining their industrial character and integrity.

In a separate project, BOLA also consulted with Seattle Parks on the design of a replacement restroom building to be compatible with the historic character of the surrounding park structures.

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