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Union Stables Building Seattle, Washington

The Union Stables dates from 1909, a time of rapid development along Seattle's Western Avenue.  The four-story unreinforced brick masonry and heavy timber building was constructed for Benjamin & Maddocks, a successful local livery firm established in the late 19th century.  When completed, the structure was called a "magnificent new brick and concrete fireproof building...[with] every stall well lighted and ventilated."  The building was rehabilitated in 2015 and adapted for a mix of new office, retail and commercial spaces.  Exterior masonry facades were restored, windows replaced in-kind, and new entries and a roof-top penthouse and terrace created.

BOLA served as the project’s preservation consultant, assisting the property owner / developer with preparation of local and national landmark nominations, exterior brick and masonry restoration, and financial incentives for historic preservation, including design reviews with the prime architect, Weinstein A|U and preparation of the Historic Preservation Certification Application (HPCA) for federal historic rehabilitation tax credits.

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