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Campbell House Spokane, Washington

A grant from the National Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Properties sponsored a conservation assessment of the historic Campbell house, a large 17,275 square foot, wood frame residence designed by Cutter & Malmgren Architects, and dating from 1898.  The building, a half-timbered Old English Style mansion, has been owned by the Eastern Washington Historical Society and the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, and operated since 1925 as a house museum.  The assessment in 1991 (by BOLA personnel) followed an extensive Historic Structures Report and several phases of ongoing restoration.

Critical issues itemized in the assessment included site and roof drainage, deterioration of the sandstone foundation wall, window changes, interior ventilation and heating, code upgrading and access, and general restoration.

BOLA returned to the project in 2015, undertaking a condition assessment of the cedar and metal roofing and storm windows. The subsequent project entailed restoration drawings and specifications for the reroofing and storm window rehabilitation at both the Campbell House and its adjacent Carriage House.  The roofing work was completed in September 2016, and followed up with exterior stucco repairs in 2017.

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