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West Point Lighthouse Seattle, Washington

The West Point Light Station is one of four lighthouses constructed along Puget Sound in the late 19th century.  The 110 year old, unreinforced masonry and wood-framed building was found to be structurally sound in 2009, but suffered from wind damage and moisture intrusion, with delaminating stucco cladding, rusted metal elements, broken window glass, missing and dry-rotted wood, and paint fatigue.

BOLA’s first phase in this project -- exterior restoration of the lighthouse -- was completed in 2010.  BOLA developed an initial Historic Structures Report with Grulich Architecture to guide the work, and created subsequent design documents, technical specifications, and construction administration for the repair and restoration.  The lighthouse and fog signal structure occupy their site with three support buildings-- an oil house and two keepers' quarters.  A second phase of work, re-roofing of the adjacent Keepers' Quarters, was completed in 2011.

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