• Hori Bathhouse
  • Snoqulamie Falls Powerhouse
  • West Point Lighthouse
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  • Campbell House
  • Ford Pacific McKay Block
  • Metropole Building
  • OHOP Indian Village Winter House
  • Union Stables, 2200 Western
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  • Olmsted Parks and Boulevard System Historic Documentation
  • Mid-Century Modern Residential Survey

City of Hoquiam Preservation Plan Hoquiam, Washington

Downtown Hoquiam includes a number of institutional, commercial, and residential buildings, dating from 1910-1930, that illustrate the town’s history as an early coastal settlement with its economy driven by the lumber industry.  Funded by a grant from the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP), BOLA created a Downtown Preservation Plan for the City of Hoquiam in 2010, with a historic survey and recommendations to guide future preservation and development.

The project involved reviews of earlier historic documentation; research on the city’s history, zoning regulations, and individual downtown properties; reviews of comparable plans with the City; and meetings with property owners, the community, and landmark commission.  BOLA prepared historic property inventory forms for the 77 properties.  In 2011-2012, the City received an additional DAHP grant to help guide the establishment of its downtown historic district.  BOLA was selected for a third grant-funded project in 2016, to develop design guidelines for the downtown historic district.

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