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Olson Farm Master Plan & Design Auburn, Washington

The Olson Farm is a unique 60-acre farmstead dating from 1897.  Located on a sloped, wooded site along the Green River, it presents an intact assembly of rural buildings.  The site has been shaped by over a century of agricultural use, a rich stream ecology with an indigenous salmon run, and native wildlife and vegetation.

BOLA has studied this historic farm for nearly two decades.  Working with the client, the White River Valley Museum, and landscape architects at The Berger Partnership, the team has provided research, building condition assessments, and a developed a master plan for the preservation of the historic buildings and site, and natural environment, and interpretive goals for educational and recreational use of the property.  The masterplan included an inventory of historic buildings and site features; analysis of historic land use patterns, wagon roads, and stream meander; a wetlands designation; designs and guidelines for building rehabilitation and restoration, site improvements, and interpretive signage; plans for a new museum staff office, restrooms and education spaces; preliminary construction estimates; and a phased implementation strategy.

The Olson Farm Master Plan, which has been used for several successful grant awards, received a preservation planning award from the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) in May 2002, and in 2012 received the Best Restoration Project award from Historic Seattle.

BOLA continues to provide design assistance for the farmstead and most recently completed the design of the fifth phase of rehabilitation for site improvements, livestock shelters and related fencing, drainage, and stabilization of the property, the stream and other outbuildings.  Earlier work included new roofing, site fencing, barn flooring and siding, foundation improvements, facade restoration design, and orchard restoration.

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